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Tonight I went into my sisters bedroom and just laid there. Then she started playing country music to make me go away. (I hate country music) The womens vioce(pretty) I was okay with but, when she started playing the mans voice I was in hell. So I started throwing candy at the computer but, I noticed it wasn't doing any good so instead of the computer I tried throwing it at the speakers. Rachel then screamed, "Stop it, your wasting good chocolate!" Then she dragged me out of the room. I started banging against the door (which by the way I don't know why)then Rachel opened the door and I threw hershy kisses at her. She made Jack (My bird) get out of her bedroom because he follows me everywhere. Since I was throwing candy at her (which was very funny) she came out of her bedroom with her 852 page paper back book and hit me with it. Somewhere in between the hitting of the book and throwing of the candy I slipped and got a deep ugly gash(it was grusome) on my head. Fortunately it was on my eye brow Unfortunately it was big, deep, and ugly Fortunately I thought I was going to get a teddy bear Unfortunately my mom thought I should get stitches Fortunately there was a bowling alley on the way there (I'll think of more later). It would take 8-12 hours to get the stitches. When I heard that I wanted to scream, "Hell No." But, my sister wouldn't approve. When my mom heard 8-12 hours she was ready to scream it too but, again my sister wouldn't approve. My sister would have said yeah right and then to mom hell no but, she thinks I am too young. Anyway we found something that helps heal it with out saying hell no. So we were all releaved. At least I was I was ready any second to scream but, then again people would stare at me. Well I guess that's it but, If you know me you can scream and give me a teddy bear yourself. Bye! Have a GASHING Day. by the way there isn't any school tomorrow ya!
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